XU Rugby undergrad and alumni group picture from 2001 on intramural field

This year's Old Boys game will take place on September 23rd, 2017.

In honor of the club's 40th anniversary, we have put together a list of the team's past Captains, President, and Coach.  Thank you to all the Old Boys who have put in the hard work and are on this list! 

1974   Brian Manion     Mike Murphy   Brian Brimelow
1975   Jim Donlin     Brian Manion   Brian Brimelow
1976   Jim Donlin      Tom Costello   Brian Brimelow
1977   Dave "Crocket" Allen     Denny Kumar   Brian Brimelow
1978   Jim Bruneman Tom Kimner   Joe Donlin   Brian Brimelow
1979   Tom Schurr     Pat McManamen   Brian Brimelow
1980   Sean Madden     Michael Brennan   Brian Brimelow
1981   Sean Madden     Michael Brennan   Brian Brimelow
1982   Gerry Budi     Jack Greene    Brian Brimelow
1983   Mike Ertel Dennis Madden   Mike Ertel   Brian Brimelow
1984   Matt Welsh Mike Ernst   Chris Scarrazzo   Bill Strietmen
1985   John Strietman Pete Rychilik   Chris Scarrazzo   Bill Strietmen
1986   Chris Scarrazzo Pete Rychilik   Chris Scarrazzo   Bill Strietmen
1987   Eugene Riley Terry Rychilik   John Lowry   Bill Strietmen
1988   Mike Smith Terry Rychilik   Matt Howland   Brian Devine 
1989   Brendan Gilhuly Matt Howland    Matt Howland   No Coach
1990   Rich Scolio Bob McGuire   Frank McMullen   No Coach
1991   Steve Riesnberg Rick DeSantis    Mike Laux   John Apke
1992   Michael Andriole Gunner Puhl   Michael Andriole   John Apke
1993   Brian White Chris Smith    Chris Ernst   John Apke
1994   Brian White Chris Smith    Peter Weimer   John Apke
1995   Scott Trainor Brian Rhody   Peter Weimer   John Apke
1996   Tony Kosoglov Ryan Kress   Colin Wiler   John Spencer
1997   Colin Willer Tom Laly   Dave Syz   John Spencer
1998   NA NA    NA   Brian White
1999   John Elash Mike Schmidt   Dave Kendrick   Brian White
2000   Brian Handley Peter Kosoglov   Peter Kosoglov   Brian White
2001   Matt Slife Dustin Nye   Frank Michetti   Shaun Gaffney
2002   Brian Sabolik Scott Ebner   Nick Cherry   Shaun Gaffney
2003   Brian Sabolik Scott Ebner   Ed Clarke    Shaun Gaffney
2004   Eric Siemborski Chris Harris    Peter Kahler   Shaun Gaffney
2005   Michael 'Beezo"Brennan Ted Flottman   Ryan Nemeth   Shaun Gaffney
2006   Michael "Beezo"Brennan Ted Flottman   John Blackman   Shaun Gaffney
2007   Brian Fox Max Greninger    Chris Harris    Shaun Gaffney
2008   Vince Hyland John Burke   Nick Masters   Shaun Gaffney
2009   Andrew Brennan  John Burke   Michael Brennan   Shaun Gaffney
2010   Matt Akels Shane Coleman    Matt Ackels    Shaun Gaffney
2011   Kevin Shirmer/Ryan Caufiled Frank Flanagan    Holton Witchger   Shaun Gaffney
2012   Kevin Shirmer Pat Welch    Jenson Kolasko   Shaun Gaffney
2013   Duhann Jacobs Quinn Dutton    Mark Pokarant   Shaun Gaffney
2014   Paul Doscher Quinn Dutton    Ricky Burke   Shaun Gaffney
2015   Paul Doscher/ Dan Minogue Matt Flynn   Pat Carlotti   Shaun Gaffney
2016   Jose Sanchez Matt Flynn   Colin Carney   Shaun Gaffney