Dar Faroughi Awarded Buccigross Foundation Scholarship! 

In what can only be described as a monumental accomplishment, Xavier University Men's Ice Hockey is proud to announce that Dar Faroughi has been awarded a $10,000 scholarship from the Buccigross Foundation.

Mr. Buccigross tweeted out the great news in a simple and succinct quote "…I have lived with the stress of debt. After financial aid, $10,000 will pay for the fall semester for @darzard of Xavier,”

Faroughi is not only an exceptional player, including second on the team in points, but he also serves as a captain and club vice president.  Aside from that, Dar is thriving in the classroom while pursuing his degree in sports management.  He is currently serving as an intern with the Cincinnati Cyclones.  In a day an age when we hear so much about the entitled athlete, it is refreshing to see a young man who is playing for the love of the game, while making his education his top priority be rewarded.  This is the essence of what XU hockey is all about.  



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