What are Club Sports?

Club Sport teams fall on a competitive level between intramurals and intercollegiate athletics and a member's involvement in the Clubs is structured to be a learning experience through involvement in the organization and administration of club activities as well as the development of sports skills.  There is no minimum skill level necessary to belong; our participant's experience levels range from beginner to expert! 

Clubs hold practices two to four times a week and all of the clubs are required to have a coach. Our clubs do not have large budgets; therefore the clubs must fundraise and charge membership dues to subsidize their existence. The teams compete against other club, and sometimes varsity, teams from universities throughout the midwest such as Indiana University, University of Kentucky, Ohio State University, Miami of Ohio and the University of Cincinnati. Many of the club sports play in leagues and can compete for a national championship. Other clubs may choose to function on a recreational level. Participation in the Club Sports program is an excellent way to develop leadership skills, meet new friends with similar interests, stay in shape and enhance athletic skills.

How do I join a club?

There are two ways a student may join a club. 

For incoming students, you can fill out a recruitment form on the club's website (each club has a recruitment page linked specifically to that club).  When you click submit, the information is sent to the club, who will follow up with you via email or phone to answer your questions and discuss the club with you.  There is no limit to the number of clubs to which you may submit a form, there are many students who belong to multiple clubs.

For new and returning students, Xavier holds a "Club Day" each fall and spring.  This is a day near the beginning of each semester in which all clubs at Xavier hold open sign ups for membership.  In late August/early September, Club Day is held outside on the Green Space in front of the Gallgher Student Center.  In January, "Club Day" is held inside the Gallagher Student Center.  These days are an opportunity to join a club, speak with members of the various clubs, and learn more about each club.

How do I start a club?

Clubs and organizations form the basis of co-curricular life at Xavier and are an important element to educating the total person. Although we currently have 29 active Club Sports, we may not have the special one for which you are looking. So, outlined here is the process by which you can start your own Club Sport that is recognized by the Recreational Sports Department and the Student Government Association.

The Xavier University Club Sports Program operates in accordance with all Federal laws and regulations requiring non-discrimination on the basis of age, sex, race, religion, ethnic group, national origin, sexual orientation or handicap.  Membership in all XU Club Sports programs is open to any currently enrolled students (undergraduate and graduate), faculty and staff, pending any league or governing body rules stating otherwise.

In order to be officially recognized as a Club Sport, the following criteria must be met:

  • The organization's purpose and activity must be consistent with the philosophy and objectives of the Xavier Club Sports program.
  • The organization must engage in a sporting activity.
  • The organization must provide balance or add to the variety of sporting activity on campus.
  • The number of students interested in participating in the proposed activity is either a minimum of ten (10), or the minimum number over ten needed to participate in the activity.
  • Suitable facilities and equipment must be available such that the club can meet, practice, and hold competitions.
  • The organization must not create a demand for resources (i.e. staffing, facilities or monetary) greater than that which can be met by the Sport Club Office.
  • The organization must provide all required documentation to be considered.
  • The Club Sports Council, through a majority vote, recommends recognition to the Dean of Students.

New Club Application Process

1) Complete the New Club Sport Application Form.

2) Gather your documentation

  • Write your Club's Constitution-Here is a guide to assist you in writing your by-laws. Please follow the directions and make a hard copy of the by-laws as well as a disk containing them.
  • Create a proposed Budget-Here is a worksheet to assist you in projecting your revenue and operating cost throughout the academic year.
  • Create a Risk Management Plan-Here is an example of a thorough plan that can assist a club in planning for a wide variety of emergencies.
  • Create a Membership Roster-Use this form to document the interested potential members of you club.

3) Meet with Assistant Director of Recreational Sports (2nd Floor, O'Connor Sports Center,


  • Submit the New Club Sport Application.
  • Submit all required documentation for review.

4) Appear before the Club Sports Council for discussion.

  • The Council considers the clubs compliance to the listed criteria.
  • Final vote made by all members of the Sport Club Council whether or not to recommend recognition to the Dean of Students.

5) Document Review and Club Approval

  • The Dean of Students reviews the Club Sports Council recommendation and confirms/denies official recognition of proposed Club.  If confirmed, the Dean will send Official Recognition Letter to club outlining the Club's Rights and Responsibilities.

6) Receiving Funding

You must fulfill the "active member" requirements and complete and submit the appropriate documents required for registration before the Club can be considered for funding.  This information can be found in the Club Sports Handbook. The appropriate forms and the Club Sports Handbook are available on the Club Sports Forms and Resources web page.

Once this process is completed and the Club is officially recognized, the Club will be eligible to receive funding.  A budget proposal must be submitted, and a meeting will be set up with representation from the Club and the Club Sports Council, to discuss the proposal and answer any questions. A decision will then be made on the amount of funding the Club shall receive.

If you have further questions, please contact the Assistant Director of Recreational Sports, James Alexander, at 513-745-2856.