Our Horses


Mint Julip, "Julip"



       Julip is a Trakehner mare, who is sweet as pie! Currently she is pregnant and we are expecting her to have her baby late fall! She is also the grand daughter of Abdullah!




Mother May I, "Whinny"



     Whinny is the daughter of Julip! She enjoys cuddling and loves to be spoiled with cookies! We love Whinny!




Georgina, "Gigi"


Gigi is another fabulous Hanoverian mare! Gigi has a wide set of experiences, from the Grand Prix to the Child/Adult Jumpers. She has had multiple babies including Zuri. She is a WONDERFUL team and enjoys long walks in the hunt field.


No Worries, "Zuri"





  Zuri is one of Honey Tree's babies. She is daughter to Gigi and Akashi. This little shrimp has amazing confirmation and quite the jump to her. She is one of HTS' up and coming 3ft hunters. Her big personality makes up for her small stature. It is safe to say that she is one of the most spoiled horses HTS has, and boy does she know it!




Ishmael, "Akashi"




      Akashi is a barn favorite! He is an Oldenburg stallion, but not your typical stallion! Akashi is perfect in every shape and form, to teaching little kids how to post at the trot, to taking you around a 3ft course!




Gabriel, "Gabe"




     Gabe is a big Hanoverian cuddle bug! He is super friendly and LOVES attention!







   Red is a spunky guy! He loves to jump and loves to play out in the hunt field! Red is perfect for teaching kids how to play in the jumper ring!










   Prince is a big Thoroughbred, but sometimes he thinks he's a lap dog. He is owned by Lizz Kingsbury, but will be joining our HTS crew shortly! He is fun, sweet, and kind. He is perfect to teach little kids how to ride, or just to take you around a jumper/eq/hunter course. He's like a big puppy!








Maxwell, "Max"




Max is a been there done that kind of guy. He is an awesome teacher. Max may be one of the older horses and Honey Tree but he still loves to play. He loves to jump and he is a beautiful flat horse. He knows his job. You should see him in the Eq ring, the only word to describe him is "Flashy". Max is a brilliant boy!




Dean was a great horse. We lost Dean to old age this year. This horse was THE best teacher we had for our team. We are very sad that he has left us, but we thank him for all that he has taught us. We miss you Dean! <3








Jasmine is a great teacher. She, like Max, is  a been there done that horse. This mare is hot stuff. Sarah and Jasmine used to compete all over together and were very successful. Jasmine now spends her days as a brood mare and a teacher. In the picture to the left she is with her baby Forget Me Not, or "Harreo" who is named in memory of Sarah's father, the founder of Honey Tree Stables.














  See his picture? Between his picture and his name that's all you need to know about this boy. Oh, and that he knows how to JUMP! He LOVES to play. He is a beautiful gelding!




































Dallas is a gentle horse. He loves the team and he loves teaching. He is a favorite at all of the IHSA shows and wins all of his classes- jumping and flat. Beginner? You'll ride Dallas. Expert? You'll ride Dallas. This gelding has it going on! He can do no wrong. He is a ROCKSTAR!