Meet Our Officers



President: Emma Lastowski


Emma comes to Xavier from Philadelphia, PA. She is currently a Junior in the Nursing Program here at Xavier University. This is Emma's first year as president of the team, but has been on the team since Freshman year. If you would like to contact Emma with any questions about the Equestrian team or Xavier in general, please use the email given above.


Treasurer: Lorene Garnier


Lorene comes to Xavier from Union, Kentucky. She is currently a Sophomore in the InternationBusiness Program here at Xavier University.  Lorene may not be an accountant but she is a hard working treasurer and is a great asset to the team. Lorene is happy to speak with anyone who may have concerns about dues and payment plans associated with the Equestrian team. If you have questions regarding monetary inquiries for our treasurer feel free to contact Lorene at the email given above.



Vice President: Lizz Kingsbury



 Lizz comes to Xavier from Chicago, Illinois. Lizz is a Senior Marketing here at Xavier University. If you would like to know more about the social media the Equestrian Team has please feel free to contact Lizz at the email given above.