Ladies and Granas,

The 2010/11 XUCB has begun, and under the leadership of Joe D?Agostino, the Manny Acta of Club Baseball management, things are looking promising. An influx of freshmen has brought some legitimate talent, along with some classy gentlemen to fill the gaps left by graduated seniors (i.e. Tim Harrington and Matt Matovina). 

It is my pleasure to report to you some happenings from this past month. Some pitching highlights include: Joistiq hurling while wearing Air Jordan?s; and Santa Claus Grizwald sailing his first pitch to the backstop, and then giving up a granny later in the inning; and Steve ?Rosenshorts? on the mound throwing gas while wearing shorts, and no hat? classy as ever.

Player updates:

Ant?wone Jonstoncic: Upset as usual. Disappointed in himself for not hitting the ball out of the infield

Push Pop: Still seems to not understand the concept of ?bat on the shoulder? with a handful of K?s this fall

Ficus: Yet to hit a bomb, still owes me 500ft, disappointing, even with a few RBIs

Joe D: used to be Mel Clark ? emphasis on used

Tos: All American

Sart: look at that chin, still seeking the elusive sausage pizza.

Moskal: All around class, deceptive heat, the smoothest player on the field hands down

Recracariat: Working to sung his unsung cannon

Myself: One two-strike hit and one outfield assist this fall so far 

To pay homage to the alumni:

Dugout morale this season is rather high, though the words of one Luke Mukuda are sorely missed. One thing is for sure, A Sparn would question dugout chatter, because Kit-Kats and Twix bars have been brought up on more than one occasion, ?get your head in the game!? Regan is still the only one to sport the stirrups on the mound, looking for someone to step into those shoes. Matt Mat?s on and off the field class will never be upstaged. No one this year has a longer nine than KA, and a more ridiculous batting routine than Harr. Unfortunately, The Spanish has retuned; it?s like a Jumanji board. Though many things have changed this season, one thing remains constant; Stixx still goes to FTL on the weekends. We hope to see you all sometime this year, (by all, I am pointing specifically at Tim).

Remember the Chuck-O,