October has come and gone and so has the fall rendition of America?s Pastime for XUCB. The Musketeers finished their fall season with a respectable 4 and 5 record. After starting the fall off slow with back-to-back losses to the rival Redhawks of Miami University, XUCB finished strong. The Muskies were able to take down UC and the Norse of Northern Kentucky, taking two games from each of them.

XUCB also participated in the annual AIA Swirling Winds Tournament in Xenia, Ohio.  The tournament, one in which The Muskies were (believe it or not) trying to defend, resulted in some of the most exciting games in XUCB history, as they faced SIU Edwardsville, Dayton, and Loyola Chicago. A brief review of the weekend:

-Games played: 3

-Wins/Losses: 0/3

-Innings played: 24+

-Blown saves: 3

-Number of game tying dingers given up in the bottom of the 7th with 2 outs: 1

-Number of infielders during the bottom of the 9th vs. Loyola: 5

The fall (per usual) left room for growth and progress as XUCB looks to come out fighting in the spring. This warrants a final in-season player update as we look forward to XUCB?s winter session.

Sart: Was particularly hungry this fall, requested sausage pizzas regularly.

Secretariat: Established himself as a legitimate closer in the NCBA DII Division V East conference.

Tos: Placed the leftover legitimate beef vs. NKU in the proverbial freezer for next spring season. Remains an All-American.

Ant?wone Jonstoncic: Maintained a particular level of bitterness despite his ability to rake doubles and triples. (Correlation?)

Ficus: Was voted ?Most Likely to Throw Cans In The Fan? Fall 2010. Also lead the team in Double Claws, CheesyGs per 9, and Go Ahead Dingers Given Up per 9.

Myself: Upset that Apollo disallowed me to catch a popup vs. Loyola.

Joe D: Lead the team in Emails during the fall.

Rosie: Simply put, ?JACKAWHITZ?

Push Pop: Lead the team in Bad Directions and Rushed Throws.

Stixx: N/A

It is also good to see that the surplus of freshman have panned out well. We are now a considerably deeper team than ever before, something that Coach Sparn envisioned during his winded team BBQ speech of 2009 (RIP Chuck-O). I would go into detail about the freshman additions but it is far too taxing. The shortened version: Richards rakes, Riceberg should not drink coffee, Juice should not pitch, Horning gets his taze, I never want to face Douaire, and Morales is constantly at strife with umpires.

Until Next Time,

Boots McElroy #21