Xavier University Club Baseball Hall of Fame   

Kevin Geiss

Year Inducted: 2005    

P/Coach/Founder of Club

Pitching: 5 IP, 0-1, 9.80 ERA, 1 SV, 2 Ks

Hitting: 3 AB, 1 RBI

Years Played: 2       


Kevin is the founding father of XCB, getting the club established in 2003. Serving as president for the club's first three seasons, Kevin imposed his vision in organizing a baseball club looking to set XCB up to be successful for years to come. Also serving as head coach for two seasons, Kevin led Xavier through tough conference schedules in the club's beginnings. Missing most of the 2004 and 2005 seasons with knee and shoulder injuries, Kevin pitched out of the bullpen when healthy. 

Tom Corr - DH/3B

Year Inducted: 2005

Hitting - .421 AVG, 1.015 OPS, 8 R

Awards: MVP (2005)

Years Played 2


In his two seasons of playing club baseball Tom was among the most clutch and dangerous hitters in the Xavier lineup.  A two year captain and fiery competitor, Tom had a strong influence on the team every game he was in the lineup.  At the time of his induction Tom held career records in Average (.479), On Base (.590), Slugging (.521), and Production (1.111). 


Scott Smith


Year Inducted: 2007

Pitching: 56.33 IP, 2-8, 5.34 ERA. 48 K, 21 BB

Hitting: .260 BA, .400 OBP, 20 RBI, 18 BB, 12 R

Awards: Pitcher of the Year (Fresh, Soph, Junior, Senior) Rookie of the Year (Fresh), Great Lakes Pitcher of the Week (3/14/05 ? 3/20/05) and (3/12/07 ? 3/18/07)

Years Played: 4


 Scott held several pitching records at the time of his retirement and was the ace of the staff during all of his four years. Scott was also a big contributer at the plate hitting well with RISP earning him 20 RBI. Scott's finest performance might have been his senior year against Dayton throwing a complete game and getting nearly all of the team's RBIs in a 5-2 win. A fearless leader, he served as a club baseball officer and/or captain for his final three years.  In the memory of his contribution, XUCB hands out the ?Scott Smith Man for Others Award,? annually for the player that best exemplifies his class on and off the field.   

Brain Duffy

Year Inducted: 2008


Hitting: .410 BA, 1.013 OPS, 36 R, 23 BB, 10 SB

Pitching: 42.33 IP, 5.29 ERA, 1-6, 28 K's

Awards: Rookie of the Year (Fresh), Co-MVP (Soph), MVP (Junior), Co-MVP (Senior), Great Lakes Pitcher of the Week (3/21/05 ? 3/27/05)

Years Played: 4


Brian assaulted the offensive record book during his four year tenure with XUCB and when he graduated he was the career leader in Abs, Hits, Walks, Runs, and SB.  The club was under the leadership of Duffy for two years and under him the club began to take major strides towards improvement. Duffy organized the first annual XCB fall classic in partnership with Athletes in Action. He also is the only XCB pitcher to regularly throw a knuckleball in games. The leadership/talent he provided on and off the field will be missed for years to come.  Though well known for his play on the field and leadership, Duffy wrote his name under the heading of legends with his impeccably consistent and outstanding play in the tennis ball game.      

Chris Heitker

Year Inducted: 2008


Hitting: .232 Avg, 23 H, 12 R, 10 RBI

Awards: Most Improved Player (Fresh), Co-MVP (Soph), Defensive Player of the Year (Junior)

Years Played: 4


Heitker was instrumental in keeping the club together during his tenure with XUCB.  Heitker exemplified excellent leadership and was Vice President of the club for three years.  He was influential in the turnaround the club experienced during his junior and senior years. On the field Heitker was tough catcher who held onto the ball 100% of the time he was plowed over at the plate. Heitker also served on the Club Sports Council as President his senior year.  It has been rumored that if you listen very closely on a dark cold night on the soccer field when all is quite you can hear the faint distant cry of ?hit the cut.?  Legend or the wind, perhaps no one will ever know.


Aaron Sparn

Year Inducted: 2009


Hitting: .285 Avg, 16 R, 21 RBI

Awards: Rookie of the Year (Fresh), Most Improved Player (Fresh) Co-MVP (Junior)

Years Played: 4


Sparn was a man dedicated to Xavier Club Baseball through and through. He was an officer in the club for 3 years and was team president his senior year. His freshman year campaign earned him rookie of the year status while holding down a starting spot in the outfield. Sparn was never afraid to step into the 3 or 4 spot in the order and came up big for XCB delivering many RBI's. Stepping away from his outfield duties Sparn was willing to come in and pitch for the Musketeers on occasion. He was a statistical student of the game who was always willing to offer advice to team members. After fighting a nasty case of mono during his senior year, Sparn's career was capped by his only career home run, a mammoth shot at Constitution Park. 


Brenden Regan - P/OF


Year Inducted: 2010    

Pitching: 144 IP, 8-14, 4.28 ERA, 140 Ks, 31 HBP

Hitting: 45 Hits, .300 avg, .423 OBP, 37 R, 14 RBI, 29 BB, 13 SB

Awards- Rookie of the Year (Frosh), MVP (Jr), Pitcher of the Year (Sr, Jr), 2X confrence player of the week, 3X confrence pitcher of the week.

Years Played: 4          


Brenden was a starting outfielder and member of the XCB pitching rotation all four years. The stirrup wearing sidearmer always had a rubber arm and was willing to throw ever weekend. At the time of his retirement Regan lead the team in many categories including IP, Ks, BBs, Wins, Runs Scored and Stolen Bases. Regan earned confrence player or pitcher of the week 4 times in his career. He was also vice president of the team for two years and invented the wall ball game played at the soccer field. Regan was able to hit 31 batsmen during his four years, it is amazing that he never was thrown out of a game.


Ken Harris - 3B/OF 

Year Inducted: 2010    

Hitting - .280 Avg, .379 OBP, 18 R, 14 RBI

Years Played: 4      


Ken "KA" Harris will go down in club history as one of the most well liked team members of all time. KA had a cannon of a right arm and would frequently show it off throwing from the outfield or across the diamond at 3rd.  KA was always a confident hitter at the plate. In the field Harris was asked to move the 3rd base his Junior year and played tough d there for two years.  Harris, just like Sparn, finally got his only career HR during the fall of his senior year against Cincinnati. 


Year Inducted: 2012
Years Played: 4
Jordan ?Antwone? Antoncic currently owns the club record for most career hits, while holding down the middle infield during his tenure.  Antoncic was voted Defensive MVP after his freshman season, and was a consistent threat in the two-hole. Combine Antoncic?s ability to hit for power and average, his solid defensive play, and speed, and he will go down as one of the best club players to ever wear the uniform.
Steve Latos
Year Inducted: 2012
Years Played: 4
A rock in Xavier?s rotation throughout most of his career, Latos unfortunately required season ending shoulder surgery in spring of his senior year. Latos?s ability to eat innings for the club before his injury, along with his devastating change-up, earned him 2011 Pitcher of the Year and MVP among his peers. The competitive right-hander also holds the record for longest single in club history, after he decided against extending his wall bouncing hit before scoring the decisive run vs. Radford his sophomore season
David Dansart
Year Inducted: 2012
Years Played: 4
David ?Hoss? Dansart currently owns the season and career record for home runs. The powerful right hander was a main stay at first base for four years, while also serving as an officer for three. As a former Secretary and Vice President, the club leader had an uncanny ability to create runs while hitting from the three and four hole throughout much of his career. Dansart is also only one of three players in club history to win Division II National Player of the Week. 
Steve Rosenbaum
Year Inducted: 2012
Years Played: 4
Steve ?Rosey? Rosenbaum led the team to its most successful postseason run in club history as Club President, before falling to Wisconsin in extra innings in the 2012 Regional Championship. The pitcher, outfielder, and first baseman served as Treasurer his junior season, while also winning D II National Player of the Week for his two home run performance against Northern Kentucky in the fall of his senior season. 

Joe D'Agostino - P/1B

Year Inducted: 2011

Years Played: 4

Joe D'Agostino is currently the winningest President in XUCB History. Joe led the club to its first trip to the NCBA Regionals after guiding the team to a Conference V - East title in the Spring of 2011. Joe was named NCBA National Pitcher of the week in March of 2009, and is well known for his sharp curveball. Joe primed the club for success for the 2011-2012 season as the club looks to not only make regionals, but the World Series.