The Club Sports program is designed to serve the interests of Xavier University by providing opportunities for Xavier University students, faculty and staff to continue participating or learn a new sport/recreational activity. While Club Sports fall on a competitive level between intramurals and intercollegiate athletics, the member?s involvement in the Clubs is structured to be a learning experience for the members through their involvement in the organization and administration of club activities as well as the development of sports skills.

As the members are active participants in the leadership and decision making process of the clubs, clubs may vary in focus and programming. The teams hold practices two to four times per week and all of clubs are required to have a coach. Our clubs do not have large budgets; therefore the clubs must fundraise and charge membership dues to subsidize their existence. The teams compete against other club teams from universities throughout the Midwest such as Indiana University, University of Kentucky, Ohio State University, Miami of Ohio and the University of Cincinnati. Many of the club sports play in leagues and can compete for a national championship.  Participation in the Club Sports program is an excellent way to develop leadership skills, meet new friends with similar interests, stay in shape and enhance athletic skills.

There are currently 26 Club Sports at Xavier:


Bass Fishing

Gymnastics Baseball Dance Team


Running Ice Hockey                      Equestrian                
Crew                      Swimming                  




Tennis Rugby Soccer

Field Hockey

Triathlon Soccer Softball


Water Polo Ultimate Frisbee Ultimate Frisbee


2010-11 Facts
  • There were 29 active sport clubs with 715 participants (490 Male and 225 Female), a 9% increase in membership from 2009-10.
  • Clubs members participated in 6-10 hours a week of practice and competition.
  • Club members engaged in 240 competitions/events during the year
  • Clubs contributed over 2300 hours of service to the community.
  • The Club Sports program received a budget of $130,000 and teams fundraised over $166,000 during the year, resulting in over $296,000 available for club use.

2009-10 Facts
  • There were 28 active sport clubs with 636 active participants (357 Male and 222 Female), a 21% increase in membership from 2008-09.
  • Club members participated in 285 competitions/events throughout the year.
  • Club Sport members averaged 6-10 hours of practicing and competition a week.
  • The Club Sports program received a budget of $110,000 and subsequently fundraised raised over $180,000. As a result, the amount of dollars available to Clubs during the 2009-10 totaled over $290,000, an increase of $45,000 over 2008-09!