The Xavier Interfaith Club

The Interfaith Club is a student group organized to promote the understanding of world religions, the cooperation between people of different faiths, and the support & acceptance of religious diversity. The purpose of the group is for members to grow in understanding and appreciation of all faiths, with the realization that we will always live and work with people of different belief systems.

Through group discussions and trips, members of this interfaith alliance will not only learn about different religious faiths, but also the ways members of those faiths worship. We organize visits to various places of worship so we can see through the eyes of others by walking in their footsteps. We also bring together Xavier students from diverse religious traditions for an annual retreat, with the purpose of growing in faith and creating mutually inspiring relationships. Lastly, we seek to engage the value of community service present in all religions by hosting service projects followed by dialogue on the different values that inspire us to serve.

In the spirit of Nostra Ætate, we seek to better understand the different religions of our companions in order to appreciate our similarities and unique differences. As a Jesuit institution, Xavier University strives "to help students find God in all things." The lyrics of our Alma Mater proclaims that we reach out "to touch the same God we call by many names." It is in this spirit that our group will function.

Pardon our digital dust, we are still under construction!