Robert J. Murray Lecture Series

This lecture series is named in honor of Robert J. Murray, professor of Classics (1960-1997), for his many contributions to Xavier University, the Department of Classics, and the Honors Bachelor of Arts Program.

The Honors Bachelor of Arts Program was established in 1948 by William Hetherington, S.J., in an effort to preserve the classical Jesuit liberal tradition. Honors A.B. student pursue the study of Latin, Greek, and philosophy for four years in addition to completing Xavier's core curriculum.

Professor Murray, a member of one of the first honors classes, directed the program frequently until his retirement. His devotion to students and to the classical liberal arts was a cornerstone of the program for 37 years.

This lecture series carries on the spirit of humanities education represented by these programs.

  • Holt Parker, "Popular Sex and Popular Culture in Antiquity" (February 2011)
  • Francis Dunn, "The Stage on Stage: Metatheater in Greek Tragedy" (February 2010)
  • Judith de Luce, "Classical Mythology in the Hands of Feminist Women Writers" (March 2009)
  • Claude Pavur, S.J., "Classical Humanism Has Everything To Do with Justice" (March 2008)
  • Fr. William Fulco, S.J., "Ancient Languages in Modern Films: A Risky Business" (February 2006)
  • Donald Lateiner, "Instant Messaging: Body Language on Athenian Pots" (March 2005)
  • Karelisa Hartigan, "Drama and Healing: Ancient and Modern" (March 2004)