The John W. Rettig Lecture Series

This lecture series is named to honor John W. Rettig, professor of Classics (1968-1996), for his work on behalf of Xavier University, the Department of Classics, and the Honors Bachelor of Arts Program.

The Honors Bachelor of Arts Program was established in 1948 by William Hetherington, S.J., in an effort to preserve the classical Jesuit liberal tradition. Honors A.B. student pursue the study of Latin, Greek, and philosophy for four years in addition to completing Xavier?s core curriculum.

This lecture series carries on the spirit of humanities education represented by these programs.

  • Rebecca M. Muich, "Searching for Shakespeare's Iliad" (October 2014)
  • Brian M. Lavelle, "Archilochos in his Time" (October 2013)
  • Kurt Raaflaub, "Ancient War As Spectacle" (December 2012)
  • Jonathan Zarecki, "All Work and No Play Makes Gaius an Invincible Killing-Machine: The Real Life of a Roman Miles" (October 2011)
  • Kenneth W. Goings and Eugene O'Connor, "Lessons Learned: The Formative and Subversive Roles of the Classics at Black Colleges and Universities" (October 2010)
  • Tracy Lee Simmons, "Coming Down from Parnassus: Living with a Classical Education" (October 2009)
  • Peter Green, "Possession and Pneuma: The Essential Nature of the Delphic Oracle" (November 2008)
  • Debbie Felton, "The Case for Serial Killers in Antiquity" (September 2007)
  • Gareth Schmeling, "Texts, Sacred and Profane: Editors, Saints and Sinners" (October 2006)
  • Fr. Carlson, "Aesop's Fables" (October 2005)
  • Jenny Strauss Clay, "Heroes Mourning and at Play: Book 23 of the Iliad" (October 2004)
  • Karl Galinsky, "From Romulus to Isis: Religion as a Cohesive Force in Ancient Rome" (October 2003)