Greece Summer Study Abroad

The Greece Summer Study Abroad Program started in 2007. The country is our classroom, and we are constantly on the move, aheading from one site or museum to another in Athens or traveling from one city to another in the Peloponnesus and northern Greece. Course work in Greece is prepared in advance and conducted mostly onsite: if your presentation is on the Parthenon, you give it at the Parthenon.

Please click on the cities listed for pictures and general information from past programs in Greece, and consider joining us in 2014.

This year for the first time we are heading to the island of Corfu in northwestern Greece after Olympia. Corfu is famous for its unique, Venetian influenced architecture. The island resisted the Ottoman takeover of Greece after the fall of Constantinople, and has a different feel from the rest of Greece. On the way we will see places like Actium and Nikopolis, which are also new to the program.

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Take core courses and experience Xavier?s commitment to learning, reflection, integrity, achievement, and solidarity while traveling throughout Greece. 


Contact Information

Dr. Shannon Byrne, Chair
Department of Classics
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