GetAway provides first year students a relaxing escape from campus in their first semester. This community event provides a space to step back from the busy experience of college, to have fun, and reflect on where you want to go over the next four years. This is a non-faith based experience, so students of all or no faith traditions are welcome to participate. GetAway will take place Friday-Saturday, September 29-20

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What is GetAway?

  • An opportunity to take a 24 hour break away from your busy first semester!
  • An opportunity to meet new people and form lasting friendships!
  • A chance to hear from upper-class students about their experiences!
  • An opportunity to consider how you want to grow personally over your time in college!
  • A place to learn about getting more involved with Center for Faith and Justice programs!

"GetAway is an experience I will never forget. It made me think about my dreams, goals and ambitions in a relaxing and fun atmosphere. I met so many new friends and made stronger friendships with the people I already new. I strongly recommend it to any incoming [first year]."

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