Sundays at 8 pm in the GSC Clock Tower Lounge

Common Ground 2014 from DorothyDayCFJ on Vimeo.

We aim to create a space on campus where students from a wide variety of Christian backgrounds can come together to worship, pray, engage Scripture and encounter God.

When we gather, we are the church.  We live on and around campus, making this place our home.  Though many of us have home churches elsewhere, we hope that when we gather together, we can become home as we seek God as a community.

We deliberately engage the differences in our traditions of theology and worship to draw nearer to God collectively. We need the breadth of who we are to come together to be able to truly engage the God who lovingly created us all.

We practice our faith, not just with what we know and do well, but by taking risks and trying new things. In trying, failing and trying again, we find God.

We hope that this space is refreshing, a space to re-charge and rejuvenate, to slow down or pause, to just be, at a different pace than is demanded from the rest of campus life.

Join us.  Your presence will make a difference.


Meet the Ecumenical Ministry Team, Common Ground's student leaders.


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Meet Abby, the CFJ's ecumenical minister.