The Dorothy Day Center for Faith and Justice offers daylong and overnight retreats for Xavier students that provide valuable opportunities for spiritual growth and development.  Retreats are grounded in the Ignatian Tradition using tools for reflection, examination of one's self, and deepening community among participants.  Each retreat experience is prepared and facilitated by retreat teams that include student leaders and staff.

Overnight Retreats


Get-Away provides first year students an opportunity to escape campus after about a month of their first semester at college. The focus of this reflective community event is to take a step back from the busy experience of college to have fun and reflect on where you want to go over the next four years.

Get-Away happens each year in the middle of September & registration begins in the summer.

For More Information Contact: Carl Caceres


Approach is Xavier's introductory retreat which is driven by the narratives of the students. Rooted in Christianity, the retreat calls students to a greater awareness to God in the world around and serves as an introduction to the importance of reflection in one's everyday "approach" to life.

Approach is scheduled for November 7-9 & February 13-15 in the 2014-2015 school year. Please save the date!

Registration: Registration for the Fall retreat will begin in late September/early October. The retreat typically fills up within 24 hours, so be on the look out!

If you would like to join the wait-list, please contact Carl Caceres. This will put you on the wait list for this semester & will also give you an opportunity to sign up next semester before it is open to the entire campus.

Check out the latest Approach video HERE


Encounter is a next step in deepening student's spiritual lives. This retreat is rooted in Ignatian Spirituality and invites students to further explore and develop a personal relationship with God, other people, and themselves. The Encounter Retreat is meant to build off of foundations set on the Approach Retreat at Xavier and/or for students who have participated in similar retreats to Approach including Kairos, Search, T.E.C., etc.

Encounter will take place in the spring semester during the weekend of March 20-22.  Encounter is open to sophomore, junior, and senior students.

For More Information Contact: Greg Mellor


Cross-Cultural Retreat

The Cross-cultural retreat invites participants of wide array of backgrounds into dialogue and learning from one another on an overnight experience.  This retreat is co-sponsored by the Center for International Education at Xavier University and is student-led.  

This school year's Cross-Cultural Retreat will take place during the fall semester from Saturday, November 1, to Sunday, November 2, and it is open to all undergraduate students.

For more information, contact Abby King-Kaiser.

Day Retreats

Envision CFJ

Envision CFJ is the annual retreat for all student leaders of CFJ programming.  The day includes training and community building for 100+ students in early September.

For more information, contact Abby King-Kaiser.

Women's Retreat

The Women’s Day Retreat is a new retreat this school year and will take place Saturday, January 31.  The retreat focuses on creating a community of support among women, engaging in activities of self-renewal, sharing meals together, and exploring the following questions:

  1. How am I seen as a woman?
  2. How do I see myself? 
  3. How does God see me?

For more information, contact Greg Mellor.  

Men's Retreat

The Men’s Day Retreat is a new retreat this school year and will take place on Saturday, October 18.  During the day, participants will have the opportunity to build a community of brotherhood that will continue upon return to Xavier’s campus.  Topics including relationships, masculinity, and spirituality are explored through communal and individual reflection, sharing hardy meals, engaging in recreation, and simply hanging out.  

For more information, contact Greg Mellor.