Are you looking to apply for a leadership position within the CFJ for 2016-2017?

You have come to the right place! There are a few steps. Be sure to review the basic options here as well as the detailed descriptions for your interests here. Then, apply via OrgSync here. And finally, when that is all done, you will sign up for the appropriate interviews via this list here.

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Inactive Registrations

  • Summer Service Internship Application (CLOSED) for more information, visit here 
  • Common Ground Retreat Registration (CLOSED)
  • Liturgical Minister Training 
  • CFJ Leadership Application (CLOSED)
  • Cross-Cultural Retreat Registration (CLOSED)
  • X-CHANGE Site Leader Application (Closed for S15)
  • X-CHANGE Community Partner Site Applications (CLOSED for 2014-2015)
  • Dorothy Day Immersions Application (CLOSED)
  • Encounter Retreat Registration (CLOSED)
  • GetAway for First Years Registration (CLOSED)
  • Alternative Breaks (AB) Site Leader Application (CLOSED)
  • Alternative Breaks (AB) Participant Application (CLOSED)
  • Alternative Breaks (AB) Faculty/Staff Learning Partner Application (CLOSED)
  • Community Action Day (CAD) Site Leader Application (CLOSED)
  • Summer Service Internship student coordinator application (CLOSED)