XJUR: Xavier Journal of Undergraduate Research

The Xavier Journal of Undergraduate Research is a journal published in print and online by students at Xavier University. The mission of the journal is to promote and share high quality research and creative works produced by Xavier University undergraduate students. Research and creative works published in the journal exemplify the College of Arts and Sciences' effort to achieve a more integrated understanding of humanity, the world, and God through studied reflection of the enduring questions raised by the core curriculum and departmental curricula.

Each year, submissions are reviewed by a student editorial board composed of representatives from various disciplines within the College of Arts and Sciences.  The faculty advisors for the Xavier Journal of Undergraduate Research are Dr. Mack Mariani and Dr. Lisa Ottum.

Submitting Your Work; Joining Editorial Board

Undergraduate students from all majors and programs at Xavier University are invited to submit research papers and/or creative works for publication. Research papers and/or creative works that have been produced on topics relevant to the Arts and Sciences will be eligible for consideration, including papers and works from the following disciplines: art, music, theater, English, classics, biology, chemistry, physics, communication arts, mathematics, computer sciences, economics, modern languages, political science, history, philosophy, sociology, and theology.  

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