Student Success Story

Stephen Rasoletti, '16

Economics & Finance
Accounting & Finance Executive Development Program Intern at Macy's




Where did you hear about this opportunity, and what/who contributed to your being hired?

I heard about this opportunity through the 2014 Fall Career Fair. When Macy’s offered the internship, I had a few additional outstanding offers, so I felt it was necessary to take some time and reach out to someone from each company. For Macy’s, I reached out to a recent Xavier Grad, Tracy Minich (Economics Major of 2014). We discussed her day-to-day activities and her experience so far in the company. Tracy made the internship sound amazing, and I was excited to accept Macy’s over the other offers I had.

My mentor, Mark Janzen, really helped me in this process as well. I remember one day I had no idea what to do and I picked up the phone and spoke with him at 10:00pm, and he really calmed me down. He helped focus my attention to what was really important to me, and didn’t steer me into something I didn’t want. He has always been supportive and helped me through deciding which was a perfect fit for me.

What advice do you have for students as they gear up for their job/internship search?

I would offer a few piece of advice for students looking for jobs and internships:

1. Go to the career fairs. These have been an extraordinary asset for me in my internship search, I would recommend going and being one of the first students. Go with a stack of resumes made out to each company you are interested in, and ask for business cards.

2. Follow up with everyone you meet with. I am always complimented on sending “thank you” emails after I have met/spoken with someone. Besides being good manners, this keeps you fresh in their mind.

3. During the interviewing process, research who your interviewer is before the interview, and come prepared with a few questions about them. People love talking about themselves and their career path.

4. Don’t limit yourself. If a company you are interested in is not at the career fair, reach out to the company and ask to speak with someone about any internship/job opportunities.

Be focused, but have fun with this process.  This will also relax you in the search process.


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