Student Success Story

Meredith Bruno


May 2019
Public Relations, Advertising, and Digital Media Major
GetSuitable Marketing Intern

Where did you hear about this opportunity, and what/who contributed to your being hired?

I heard about the opportunity through an internship fair sponsored by the Career Development office. I had originally gone to the office to work on my resume, and then Darian mentioned the start up career fair to me. I decided to go just to see what it was like and I ended up getting an internship.

How did the Xavier Career Development Office and its services help you along the way to achieve this accomplishment?

The help I received with my resume gave me the confidence to put myself out there at the job fair.

What advice do you have for students as they gear up for their job/internship search?

My advice for students looking for jobs or internships is to have an open mind, because sometimes the best experiences you have come out of situations you would’ve never expected.



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