Student Success Story

Jake Hagis

Jake Haigis

Senior, 2016
Hired as: Internal Audit Intern, Luxottica

1) Where did you hear about this opportunity, and what/who contributed to your being hired?

This is actually my second summer interning with Luxottica, but I first heard about the internship program at the fall career fair my sophomore year. I got connected with the recruiter from Luxottica and worked with her to schedule an interview. Building a relationship with the campus recruiter I think played a big role in getting me the position, but also having a wide range of involvement on campus helped when it came to the actual interview. This summer as a returner I got the job because people remembered me from last year. I had positive reviews from my manager and that alone made the company excited to have me back. 

2) What advice do you have for students as they gear up for their job/internship search?

Meet and talk to people as much as possible. If there is ever an opportunity for you to schedule time to get coffee or lunch with someone, do it. People love to tell you about what they do and once you get the opportunity to have a one on one with someone it makes a huge difference. That person can refer you to a job, introduce you to more people, or maybe even hire you themselves. The more people you talk the better off you will be. 

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