On-Campus & Off-Campus Student Employment


As a student, your primary goal is the pursuit of an education. Student employment should be considered an extension of the educational experience and should not interfere with educational success. You will typically work between 6 and 10 hours per week and are not permitted to work more than 20 hours per week (all positions combined) during the academic year.  Most student employee positions pay Ohio's minimum wage, depending on the position and skills required for the position. If you have a Federal Work Study award, the amount that is listed on your Financial Aid statement is the maximum amount that you can be paid while working in a student employment position. You are not guaranteed to earn exactly the amount which appears on your Financial Aid statement.

You are responsible for securing an on-campus position. You are not automatically placed in a position. 

Options for Federal Work Study/University Employment eligible students include employment at local service-oriented organizations through the Community Service Jobs Program. Jobs include a wide range of opportunities within city limits. These opportunities help students develop a sense of social responsibility and touch the lives of community residents in meaningful and lasting ways. All participating students receive on-site supervision and are expected to attend 3 group reflection sessions during the academic year.