1. Develop accurate and useful job descriptions of all positions.
  2. Provide the student with all the necessary paperwork for payroll processing. Ensure that the student visits the Career Development Office for processing before he/she begins work.
  3. Provide specific training in those areas listed on the job description.
  4. Set up a work schedule, preferably in writing, for the student.
  5. Review all department policies with the student, including discipline procedures.
  6. Be available and encourage the student to ask questions.
  7. See that time reports are submitted according to deadlines established by the payroll schedule provided by Student Employment.
  8. Establish and review expected and appropriate dress, behavior, use of university and office resources, and standard operating procedures with the student.


Supervisors should submit a Student Payroll Authorization Form (PAF)  to Student Employment.   This form can be found on the portal under Xavier Forms, under the Business Tab. 


Student employees should be evaluated by the student's immediate supervisor at least once a year. The Student Work Evaluation Form should be signed by both the student and the supervisor and a copy of the evaluation form may be submitted to Student Employment to be placed in the student's file. 


When a student finds it necessary to resign or otherwise terminate employment, the student should notify the supervisor or department head as early as possible, but preferably no later than two weeks prior to the last date of work.  An exit interview between the employee and the supervisor may prove helpful to both parties.

The supervisor is encouraged to provide frequent opportunities for meaningful feedback about the student employee's performance with ample opportunity for the student to correct any performance that falls below department standards. In the case of a flagrant violation of university rules, such as dishonesty, rude or discourteous treatment of the public, or under other mitigating circumstances, the student may be terminated immediately.

In All Cases of Termination

Student Employment must be notified immediately in writing. This can be accomplished in one of two ways:

  • Complete the Student Employment Termination form, OR
  • Send an email to with the student's name, banner number, organization and budget number, effective date and reason for termination. Please indicate if you would like to re-post the opening for your position.


When there is a disagreement between employer and student employee concerning employment, prompt and judicious action is necessary. Accordingly, the time limits outlined below for the processing of grievances are extremely important. The grievance procedure provides for a four-step plan utilizing established administrative levels. All university Harassment Code and Accountability Procedures are applicable.

4-Step Disciplinary Action Rule

Supervisors should concentrate on preventing and counseling student problems rather than disciplining students for misconduct. But whenever disciplinary actions are taken, it is essential that (1) each problem be investigated thoroughly so that the facts of the situation are known, (2) any action taken be primarily corrective rather than punitive and be appropriate to the offense, and (3) the dignity of the student is respected.

When a student employee's performance does not meet performance standards, the following procedures should be followed:

  1. Counseling:  In many instances, take into consideration that this may be your student's first job. In private, talk to your student and offer tools to help turn the situation around. Give reasonable expectations and time frames for your student to meet. (Make note of this conversation and maintain in your files.)
  2. Verbal Warning:  In private, the student employee should be told again in explicit terms how the job requirements are not being met. The supervisor should then provide specific suggestions for improved performance. Evaluation of performance should be based on job-related criteria only. A copy of verbal notification should be given to both the student and the On-Campus Employment Coordinator to be placed in the student's employment file.
  3. Written Warning:  If the student's performance continues to fall below required standards, the student should be informed in writing of these deficiencies. The supervisor should send a copy to the On-Campus Employment Coordinator to be placed in the student's employment file.
  4. Written Termination:  If, after at least one written warning, the student's work performance continues to be unsatisfactory, the student may be terminated from the position. At such time, the student and the On-campus Employment Coordinator must be notified in writing of the termination. All notices of termination will be placed in the student's employment file.

Any student who has been terminated from two on-campus assignments will be reviewed by the On-Campus Employment Coordinator and the Financial Aid Counselor to determine future awards. Termination from three (3) on-campus positions will result in the student becoming ineligible for on-campus employment.