Break and Meal Times for Student Employees

Student employees should receive one (1) 15-minute break for each continuous four-hour (4) period worked. If a student works for more than five (5) hours continuously, they are to take a non-compensated lunch break in addition to their 15-minute break.

Comfort breaks

Most students work in areas where they are free to use restroom facilities at their convenience. In situations where students aren't free to take periodic comfort breaks without some work coverage being provided, supervisors must arrange such reasonable coverage.

Military Service Policy for Student Employment

Student employees who are members of the Ohio National Guard, any other reserve component of the United States Armed Forces, or who are involuntarily ordered to extended U.S. military service, shall be granted leave without pay. The student employee is required to submit to their supervisor a copy of military orders or other statement in writing from the appropriate military authority in evidence of the call for training or duty. The student employee shall be returned to their former position upon re-registration as a student.

Jury Duty Policy for Student Employment

A student employee may be summoned for jury duty or to serve as a witness. Time spent by a student employee for jury duty or serving as a witness will be treated as an excused absence without pay.

Change of Budget Allocation

Student Employment must be notified in writing of any budget changes. Budget changes submitted during the beginning of fall semester will not be updated until late October.