On-Campus Jobs (Work-Study)

Dear Federal Work Study or University Employment Recipient:

There are many events that take place in the beginning of the year, one of which is the On-Campus Employment Fair. If you wish to take advantage of the work portion of your financial aid package, don't forget to attend the Fair.

The amount that is listed on your Financial Aid statement is the maximum amount that you may earn during the academic period through working in a student employment position. You are not guaranteed to earn exactly the amount which appears on your Financial Aid statement. Also, you must take the initiative to find a position through the On-Campus Employment Program.  You are not automatically placed in a position and jobs are not guaranteed to all awarded students.

Before you can begin your new job you must complete all required Federal and University hiring forms. If hired at the Fair you can have your forms verified that day in the main lobby outside the banquet room. Be sure to have either a current passport or a driver's license along with an original social security card or original birth certificate. No copies are permitted so please be sure to have originals with you. For a more complete list of acceptable documents on the I-9 download the needed forms. All students must complete an I-9 form prior to beginning to work, which requires the verification of two forms of identification.

Please feel free to contact me at (513) 745-3141 with any questions or concerns. I look forward to seeing you at the Employment Fair!

Judy Brown, Coordinator Campus Employment Opportunities