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Hire-A-Muskie is Xavier's online job/internship site. Exclusive to Xavier students and alumni!

Work one-on-one via a scheduled appointment or during walk-in hours.

  • Establish your job search goals
  • Develop your job search tools & strategies
  • Review your resume & cover letter
  • Develop your interviewing skills
  • Improve your networking techniques
  • Discuss reciprocity options
  • Reciprocity

Are you looking for an internship or job outside the Greater Cincinnati area?  Xavier students may take advantage of reciprocity with other Jesuit colleges and universities in various locations throughout the United States.  Reciprocity allows you to utilize some of the career-related services at other Jesuit colleges and universities to assist you with your out of town internship or job search.  To learn more, schedule an appointment in the Career Development Office.  To see a list of Jesuit colleges and universities, including the reciprocity services provided, visit the Jesuit Career Center Consortium website.