Jobs and Internships

Employing a variety of techniques to search for jobs and internships is important. According to the Wall Street Journal, many users are finding that job hunts conducted solely online rarely produce jobs. In fact, no single method works all the time which is why job seekers should use a variety of methods to job search.

Job search methods include:


This strategy involves contacting people to seek their career advice, discuss strategies, conduct informational interviews, and develop relationships. It is NOT asking them for a job or an internship. 70% of jobs are obtained through networking.

  • LinkedIN is a great online tool for staying connected with peers, colleagues, and networking with others.
  • The Internet Public Library offers a Directory of Associations. You can find those most relevant to your interests. Many offer special rates for student membership and they often have job postings on their websites.


Are you looking for an internship or job outside the Greater Cincinnati area?  Xavier students may take advantage of reciprocity with other Jesuit colleges and universities in various locations throughout the United States.  Reciprocity allows you to utilize some of the career-related services at other Jesuit colleges and universities to assist you with your out of town internship or job search.  To learn more, schedule an appointment in the Career Development Office.  To see a list of Jesuit colleges and universities, including the reciprocity services provided, visit the Jesuit Career Center Consortium website.  

Establishing your Job Search Goals

Know what you want to do (it is ok to have more than one career interest) and where you want to work (corporate, non-profit, education, government, locally, overseas, etc.)

Developing your Job Search Tools

Including a resume, cover letters, follow-up correspondences and more.

Need help? See the Job & Internship Search Guide.

Registering with Employment Agencies

Immediate openings are available for permanent or summer employment through these resources. Be cautious - utilize only "fee-paid" agencies, which indicates the agency receives compensation from the company. Students should take a number of interviews resulting from this source. Sophomores and juniors have obtained substantive summer work from temporary agencies.  See "A Student's Guide to Interviewing with Third Party Recruiters," for more information.

Using McDonald Library Resources

Ask a McDonald Library reference librarian about the resources they have available to research organizations (so as to be prepared for an interview), find information about career opportunities, and more.

Connecting with Alumni

The Xavier University Alumni Association has endorsed connecting with students via LinkedIn.  Join the Xavier University Alumni group on LinkedIn to connect with alumni across the globe.  You may also view the Xavier National Alumni Association Chapter contacts.

Reviewing Newspaper Links

  • USNPL: Lists jobs through smaller newspapers.
  • Careerbuilder: Lists jobs by major city newspapers and websites.

Using Career Development Office's Resources

We offer a variety of resources to assist you.