Hiring Process

Before a student may begin working in his/her position, Student Employment must approve and advertise the job.

Steps for Hiring a Student Employee

  1. Ensure the job description on file with Student Employment is up-to-date. (Call 745.4881)
    1. Not a current job description on file? Submit a Position Description Form to OCE@xavier.edu.
    2. In the position description please include:  duties, responsibilities, knowledge, skills required, and the amount of supervision the student employee will receive.
  2. The position must be advertised using the Student Employment Job Posting Form, and email to OCE@xavier.edu. Positions are advertised via eRecruiting.
    1. Students may contact hiring officials directly to apply for positions that are advertised.
  3. Hiring officials may require candidates to complete the department's own application or to submit résumés to review candidate qualifications.
  4. The student employee will then be required to fill out Federal and State tax forms to begin work. Please advise your student to visit the CDO office at 530 Conaton Learning Commons to begin this process.

View and/or print Supervisors On-Campus Employment Hiring Checklist.


  • If this is the student's first job on campus, he/she must complete Payroll Authorization Form and visit the Career Development Office with his/her photo IDs: Current Passport or Picture ID and Original Social Security Card (photocopies not allowed). The student will also need to bring in a voided check for Direct Deposit.

If the student has already worked on campus in the Student Employment Program, he or she must complete and submit the following forms:

  1. If returning to the same position and department use the Payroll Authorization Form.
  2. If hired in new department or position title has changed use the Payroll Authorization Form.
  • All students must complete the required forms and deliver the paperwork to the Career Development Office. It is essential that these forms are processed in Student Employment before the student begins to work. Student employees must submit hiring paperwork between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m Monday-Friday.
  • A student employee should NEVER begin working until employment paperwork has been submitted to the Development Office; this is a federal policy. A student is not officially authorized to work until Career Development receives and approves all employment forms. Therefore, a student should not submit paperwork and expect that a time sheet is available to record hours already worked.
  • Supervisors who hire several students at one time may make special arrangements for a group processing session by contacting the Career Development Office at 513.745.3141.

International Students

  • After the international student has been hired, he or she must come to Student Employment to complete the required social security request form and other hiring forms.  The student must present a valid passport or visa, I-20 and F-1 to the office of student employment.