Are you ready for the next career fair? Get tips from the Ultimate Guide to Career Fair Success!

Why should you attend a career fair? What should you wear? Who should go to the fair? A past Career Development Office Intern and current employee for Macy's, Inc., Lou Nazir answers these questions and more!

I am not a business student. Should I attend the fair?

Of course! Career fairs host many organizations looking to hire students within a variety of fields. You are sure to meet with representatives from non-profit, government, and corporate organizations. In fact, approximately 60% of employers recruiting on Xavier's campus are looking for intelligent, well-rounded, skilled candidates regardless of their major. Note: The CDO recognizes that many students go to graduate school. All three career fairs also offer students the ability to connect with graduate school recruiters! 

Is the fair only for juniors and seniors?

Absolutely not! Many organizations attending career fairs are looking to hire freshmen and sophomores for summer internships. Your experience and skills are what really matter - not your year in school.

I don't have a resume and have never interviewed for a job. How can I prepare?

No worries! The Career Development Office (CDO) always offers several career fair prep workshops prior to each fair. You can also contact the CDO to make an appointment with one of the counselors to get personalized help.

Where can I get a list of the employers participating in the fair?

To find a complete list of the organizations being represented at the fair, please log into your Hire-A-Muskie account.  Under the "Events" tab, click on the career fair (i.e. Fall Career Fair, etc).

How many copies of my resume should I bring?

After looking at the list of employers represented at the fair, determine which companies you would like to get more information about or contact for a position. Make sure to bring one or two copies per organization.

What should I wear?

First impressions are crucial when interacting with potential employers. Keep in mind that your appearance speaks before you do. Dress in business casual (at minimum) however business professional attire is advised. A suit is recommended. At a minimum, dress shirts and pants/skirts are highly encouraged.

I have class during the first hour of the fair, is it OK if I come late?

Yes! You don't have to be at the fair for the entire event. The employers understand that you have other commitments. You are welcome to come in at any time but make sure to allow enough time so that you can meet with several representatives.

How long should I plan to stay at the fair?

You should give yourself 60 to 90 minutes to spend at the fair. Remember, you need to allow time for meeting different employers.

Will I get a job/internship at the fair?

Not necessarily. Getting a job is a process that takes time and effort. A career fair gives you the chance to make that first contact which may lead you to a position within the organization.

What do I need to bring to the fair?

At the fair, you need plenty of copies of your polished resume and your ALL Card. You should also bring a nice pen and a padfolio (to carry your resumes and store the business cards you collect). If you have business cards, you should bring a handful. Business cards always make a good impression with recruiters and are especially helpful if an employer cannot accept resumes during a career fair event.

Will every employer I talk to want a copy of my resume?

Many organizations are now switching to online resources for their application process, so some recruiters may refer you to their website. Be sure to ask how you can apply for the positions available and any information you may need prior to applying.