Do I have to advertise my job opening?

Affirmative Action requires that all Student Employment positions are posted through Career Development Office for at least five business days before a student is hired. Equal opportunity must be provided to all students at Xavier University.

How do I post a job opening?

If this is a new position in the department, the job must first be approved by Student Employment.

If the job has already been approved, a supervisor must complete a Student Employment Job Posting Form.  This form is available online. A copy should be printed out and kept for the supervisor's record before submitting to the Career Development Office.

Student Employment job postings are posted on Hire-A-Muskie.  A job posting remains posted until the supervisor contacts Student Employment to have it removed.

How do I get a position description approved?

All student employment positions are approved by the Student Employment Coordinator.   Complete and email the  Position Description Form to the Student Employment Coordinator at, to be approved. In the position description, include the duties, responsibilities, knowledge and the amount of supervision.

How do I terminate a student employee?

To terminate a student employee, a supervisor must use one of two methods: complete and submit a Termination Form, or email the Student Employment Coordinator, Vicki Clary at

What is a student employee?

A student employee at Xavier is a temporary, part-time employee whose primary purpose at Xavier is the achievement of educational goals. The student employee must be enrolled full time at Xavier.  Student employees may not work more than 20 hours per week (all positions combined) during the academic year or more than 25 hours per week (all positions combined) during the summer and between semester breaks.

What is Federal Work Study (FWS) Employment?

Student workers who are eligible to receive federal money in return for their work on-campus or Community Service Jobs Program. Students' eligibility for Federal Work Study funds is determined by the Financial Aid Office. These students receive priority in the hiring process.

What is University (UL) Employment?

Student workers that are not eligible for Federal Work Study funds, but the Financial Aid Office determines that they should receive assistance to off-set expenses.

What about employing international students?

International students should confirm permission to work through the Center for International Education (CIE).

ML 2171
(513) 745-2864

While most of the student employment regulations are not different for national and international students, there are some differences:

  • International students are mandated by their visa status to maintain full-time enrollment each academic semester.
  • International student employees must get approval for any exemption to this regulation from both the Center for International Education and their academic department.

Because international students can only work on campus, it is very important that they understand the student employment guidelines and do not become ineligible to work due to violations of these guidelines. International students are eligible to apply for positions with Xavier Employer/Departments where Federal Work Study isn't a required or  with non-Xavier employers. They may also work during breaks (Winter, Spring, Summer).

International students must come to the Career Development Office to fill-out the appropriate tax forms based on treaties with their home countries and to facilitate securing a Social Security Card from the Office of Social Security Administration.

What about employing graduate students?

Graduate students can be employed in a standard student employee position or as a Graduate Assistant (GA).

A Graduate Assistant (GA) is a graduate student who has signed a contract with the University to perform a certain number of hours of work in return for a stated compensation. In addition, a tuition remission award is also granted to GA's. GA's may work up to the number of hours indicated in their contract and within the dates indicated on their contract.

What about employing Tuition Remission or Tuition Exchange Students?

The University's policy regarding tuition remission/exchange students working on campus is that the student may only work during between semester breaks (fall, spring and summer). During the academic semesters they may seek employment with on-campus non-Xavier employers of auxiliary services like the Bookstore and Campus Dining.

When may a student began to work?

They must receive authorization from the Career Development Office that all new hire paperwork has been completed in order to began working. 

Do you have a question that is not answered here?

Please contact Student Employment at (513) 745-4880.