Student Registration 

Thank you for your interest in attending the 2015 Diversity Reception.  Although the online pre-registration is closed, you are more than welcome to attend the event Tuesday, February 10.  

We have 34 organizations registered to attend (Ameritas canceled) that represent a diverse array of industries.  Below is some logistics information that may be beneficial to you.

The event is located at the Cintas Center.  Please enter via the Schiff Family Conference Center (east entrance of Cintas near Cohen Hall.  (See campus map for more information).  Check in will be just down the stairs.  Check in will begin at 5:00 pm.  PLEASE BRING YOUR ALL CARD!  Our opening speaker, Eloiza Domingo-Snyder, HR Specialist for Diversity & Inclusion at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, will begin around 5:30 PM; however you are not required to be there at this time.  For more information about our opening speaker, please see Mrs. Domingo-Snyder's bio.

Just in case you live off campus or do not have an on campus parking pass, please print the parking pass for this event.  Please plan to park in Lot C-2 (See Cintas parking map for more information).

I encourage you to check out the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information the structure of the event, how to dress and how to prep for this event, particularly the question "How do I prepare for the event?".  There will be some faculty and staff in attendance that would be able to answer quick questions prior to and during the event.

Don't forget your ALL CARD and bring a friend or two!