Accepting Job Offers

When accepting a job offer, one must have every intention of honoring that commitment. If a student accepts an offer of employment (full time, part time, internship or co-op), admission to a graduate or professional school, or other post-graduate career opportunity, he/she must immediately withdraw from the recruiting process.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Not applying to future job postings

  • Declining all future interview invitations

  • Canceling any active applications

  • Contacting all recruiters with whom you are currently interviewing and inform them you are removing yourself from the recruitment process

Multiple Job Offers

It is considered very poor etiquette to accept an offer with an organization, then accept a 2nd offer with a different organization.

If you have any questions regarding multiple job/internship offers, please contact the Career Development Office via email ( or telephone (513-745-3141) or stop by in person (530 CLC).