Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will I be expected to commit to the program?

Students are asked to contact their Mentor at least once a month. This can be done by phone/text, email, video chat (Skype, FaceTime) or in-person meetings, whatever is conducive to you and your Mentor's schedule. Please note: It is strongly recommended to meet with your Mentor at least twice per fall & spring semester.

To assist you with conversation topics, suggested activities, etc., you will receive the monthly Mentee Xchange e-newsletter via your Xavier email.

In addition, students are strongly recommended to participate in the professional development programs. Many of these programs are coordinated by the Career Development Office but other activities can be done with your Mentor.

When can I join the program?

Beginning your sophomore year.  Juniors are also welcome to join.  Seniors and graduate degree-seeking students must be at least 15 months from graduation to apply (i.e May 2018 or later).

How/When do I apply?

Students must attend one of the 30 minute information sessions offered in the months of September and October.  Once attended, students will receive the web link to complete the online application. The fall application deadline is October 31, 2017. A limited number of information sessions will be available in January for 2nd semester transfer/new students only. 

Will I be paired with someone in my field of interest?

Oftentimes Mentors select students who share similar interests based on information provided on the application. Sometimes it is not an exact match, but the individual chosen is able to serve as an informational resource on a variety of topics.

When will I be paired up with my Mentor?

We try to get students selected within 3 months of when their application was approved, however there is no guarantee. The program relies on Mentors to select their Mentee, therefore some students may be selected sooner than others.

We encourage you to ensure your profile is completed as thoroughly as possible and has been reviewed prior to applying.  If your major and/or career interests change while you are waiting to be matched, please contact Erin Roush, Assistant Director, Mentoring & Assessment.

What will happen once I am selected?

You will be sent information via your Xavier email address about your Mentor once selected.  Within 3 days of receiving your confirmation email, you will need to sign up for a new Mentee orientation.  Instructions are included in the email.  

Will my Mentor get me a job/internship?

Absolutely not! Mentors are not responsible for offering you a job or internship. The purpose of this program is to receive additional support and guidance, which may, but not always, lead to tips about jobs/internships.

Where can I get more information?

Please contact Erin Roush, Assistant Director, Mentoring & Assessment, for more information.