This list represents professionals already mentoring Xavier students. They are not available to mentor additional students at this time.

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Ms. Susan LaBonte
Founder & President
ConnectionPoint Partners
Ms. Suzanne LaChapelle
LaChapelle Design
Mr. Theodore Langdon
Emergency Communications
University of Cincinnati
Mr. Lawrence Laning
Consultant - Retired Global IT Architect for P&G
Retired from Procter & Gamble
Ms. Amy Lantz
Investment Advisor
PNC Wealth Management
Mr. Joseph Lanzillotta
Business Development Manager
HR ProFile
Mr. Derek LeBlanc
Macy's Inc.
Mr. Michael Leavy
Vice President of Marketing and Business Develop
Dr. Margaret Leonhard
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Mrs. MaryBeth Lettieri
Pediatric occupational therapist
Jefferson County Public Schools
Mr. Alexander Leugers
Investment Officer
First Financial Bank
Mrs. Theresa Liguiznski
CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist)
Good Samaritan Hospital
Mr. Daniel Link
Leadership Program Manager
Fifth Third Bank
Mr. Nathan Locklear
Front Desk Manager
Marriott International
Mr. Christian Lowry
Senior Analyst
Obsidian, A Cadmus Company
Mr. Charles Luecke
Senior Research Analyst
Fort Washington Capital Partners
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