This list represents professionals already mentoring Xavier students. They are not available to mentor additional students at this time.

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Mrs. Blair Kamrass
Director of Human Resources
Mr. Joshua Kataoka
Sr. Systems Architect
Mr. Brian Kathmann
Client Leader
Mr. Adam Keck
Senior Product Analyst
Fifth Third Bank
Mr. William Keehn
Vice President
Fifth Third Bank
Mr. Frank Kerley
Executive Vice President
United Audit Systems, Inc.
Ms. April Kerley
Managing Director, Strategic Planning
Simply Money
Dr. Sean Kirby
Southern Ohio Pathology Consultants
Ms. Kelly Knapp
HR Manager
YMCA of Greater Cincinnati
Mr. Charles Knippen
The National Society of Leadership and Success
Mr. Eric Knop
Director of Business Development
Innovative Labeling Solutions
Mr. Robert Knueven
Tax Accountant
Ms. Carolina Koch
Share-based Compensation Manager
Procter & Gamble
Mr. Robby Kochhar
Group Sales Manager
Total Quality Logisitics
Mr. John Koehl
Fidelity Investments
Mr. Timothy Koester
Financial Planner
Wells Fargo Advisors
Mr. Jonathan Koopman
Finance Manager, Investor Relations
Mr. John Korte
Vice President, Client Services
Repass & Partners
Mrs. Pauline Krinov
Vice President, Product Leadership
Mr. Jeffrey Krumpelman
Managing Director and Senior Portfolio Manager
RiverPoint Management Inc.
Ms. Juanita Kylander
Project Executive
Messer Construction
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