Becoming A Mentor

Being a mentor is an opportunity for you to share your personal and professional experience, knowledge and skills with a Xavier student who is preparing to enter the professional world. You will act as a coach and role model with the intent to promote your student's personal and professional growth. 

The program is structured and designed with the schedule of a busy professional in mind. Your available time and the student's level of need drives the nature of the mentor-student relationship. Our time commitment handout outlines program expectations.

To ensure a positive and beneficial experience, we ask mentors possess:

  • an amicable and nurturing personality
  • at least five years of professional experience post bachelor's degree
  • a network to draw on as a resource to assist their mentee.

Mentor candidates do NOT need to be a graduate of Xavier University to participate.

Frequently Asked Questions

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"I thought it'd be a chance for me to give back. And I've gotten as much out of it as anyone, in my mind - just as much as the students."

Nick Sowar
Regional Managing Partner