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Kyle Goudy

  • Year:
  • Hometown/High School:
    Naperville, IL/ St. Charles North High Schooll

Kyle Goudy Notes and Highlights:

Kyle is the current Running Club President. Kyle is from Chicago, Illinois. He has played soccer since he was 3 years old, which helped him get into running when he was in 7th grade. Kyle was a member of his junior high school's cross country team, until he had to give that up when his asthma worsened.  He did not run at all in high school. In fact, it was not until the summer of his senior year that he began running long distance again.  Only in the past two years has Kyle gotten into running more competitively, with mostly short distances. In peak training he runs 6 days a week, running anywhere from 60 miles to 100 miles a week. 

Fastest Mile: 3mins 56secs
Fastest 5k: 18 mins 7secs
Fastest Marathon: 3hrs 9mins 47secs