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Emma Bradford   #12

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    Milwaukee, WI

Emma Bradford Notes and Highlights:

 Due to the incredible teaching skills of Erin Coogan, she was the Miss Wisconsin Cow-Tipping Champion of the World 2009.  She has been the runner-up in the dairy chugging champion for three years straight.  She was won the National Cow-Milking Competition in 2009, blowing Coogan out of the water.  Her eye is now set on beating Coogan’s 7.2 second record.  From the looks of things, it shouldn’t be a problem because Coogan’s old age is having a drastic effect on her nimble hands.  Her beloved cow, Old Yeller, came in second in the best-looking cow contest for two years in a row.  She has done an incredible job thus far of carrying on Coogan’s legacy.