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Anthony Rossi-Berg   #37

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  • Hometown/High School:
    Cincinnati, OH

Anthony Rossi-Berg Notes and Highlights:


Anthony  Rossi-Berg a.k.a. Rice, a.k.a. Studs McLonagaun, is back and better than ever for his second installment of XUCB. This one time self-described “big-shot” is back this year after a few “troubling” incidents  last year involving a barefoot race on the sandy shores of Tampa, and Juice’s taste in music. This year he hopes to continue the success he experienced after last season saying “Hitting .500 is not a goal of mine, it’s an expectation." 

His hobbies are varied but include: Lying in the sun on hot sunny days, lifting things up, sipping on a piping hot mug of sweet, delicious, wholesome coffee, tending to his golden flow, putting things down, eating dangerous amounts of Golden Corral beef in an ungodly amount of time, and reading quietly next to a bubbling brook. His musical interests include Rihanna and Cee Lo Green. More specifically, only the songs “What’s my name?” and “Forget You”. As for the screen, Anthony regularly watches SNL, Family Guy, and Terra Nova. This year, Anthony is looking forward to XUCBSB2K12, more importantly, retrieving his lost stump, enjoying Spring Breaks, driving to Ybor, making sandwiches, and drinking all the water in the ha-tuuub. 

In general, Anthony is the kind of person everybody likes. If he were to pat you on the back, you would put it on your resume, he is the life of parties he has never been to….Stay classy my friends.