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Mike Morales   #8

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    Avon, OH

Mike Morales Notes and Highlights:


Mikey is a senior center fielder and middle infielder from Avon, Ohio. Mikey had a successful freshman season and looks to help XUCB gain an NCBA World Series berth this year. His favorite moments of his freshman year include XUCBSB2K11, going to the Regional tournament, and beating Mon'trel "Juice" Myrick in every race (see for yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MSTMrIVcow).


Mikey is a proud member of “Marty’s Minions” and Team Bean Bag, and is looking forward to XUCBSB2K12. He is known for his pregame meal of donuts and Pibb Xtra, and although some may see his temper on the field, it is only for a few seconds as he usually laughs it off. With Andrew “Zigs” Mueller gone as a source for Mikey to laugh, he will be looking for a freshman to pick up the slack.


Mikey enjoys hanging out with his family and friends in his free time. He also coaches 16U travel baseball in the summer. He is a biology major here at Xavier, and aspires to be a pediatrician.