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Frankie Sanfilippo   #7

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  • Year:
  • Hometown/High School:
    St. Louis, MO / Saint Louis University High School

Frankie Sanfilippo Notes and Highlights:

  • Played at St. Louis University High School
  • Real name is Frank, likes being called Frankie Jr.
  • Has a highly attractive sibling
  • Voted highest resemblence to Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Favorite Place on Campus: The Commons
  • Favorite Xavier Athletic Team: Women's Basketball
  • XUVBC Fire Safety Officer
  • Tweet him at BigFrankie28

            Frankie started out as the runt of his litter, always trying to fit in. However, as the ugly duckling things did not go well. As the runt he grew up on a farm in Omaha milking cows for fun, until one day he heard a voice. At first he was unsure of the voice and thought it was the mean kids from school like Kenny and BJ playing a prank on him again. However, Frankie began to listen. Now Frankie was not instructed to build a baseball field, or even a grass volleyball court. The voice asked him to build a lightning rod. One day as Frankie sat outside, wondering why he had built the lightning rod sippin on some home-made moonshine, a storm crept over his farm. As the runt, Frankie did not know better to go inside during the storm so as it started to drizzle and lightning was seen off in the distance a bolt of lightning struck the rod and Frankie knew what he was called to do, thus Thunder-Lightning-Thunder was invented.