Xavier partners with Enterprise to bring the car-sharing rental program "WeCar" to campus

The transportation alternative allows students, faculty and staff to lease a car by the hour | August 17, 2012

Xavier is partnering with Enterprise Rent-A-Car to offer car-sharing through its WeCar by Enterprise program. Xavier is the first university in the Cincinnati area to bring WeCar to campus, while the University of Cincinnati began offering its Zipcar program last year.

Available to students, faculty and staff, WeCar by Enterprise is a membership-based, automated car rental option that offers a sustainable, efficient and cost-effective transportation alternative to the Xavier community.

Registered members have access to two Kia Souls parked on campus. A kickoff for the program is scheduled during Club Day on the Yard on Aug. 27 from 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.

Jon Beres, assistant director of Auxiliary Services, hailed the program for reducing the need for cars on campus and for helping Xavier improve its efforts to be sustainable.

“This is great for students who can't access a car under normal car-rental rules, where you are required to be at least 21,” said student ambassador Alex Riahi.

Those at Xavier who are age 18 and older are eligible for membership in WeCar, which offers round-the-clock access to hourly, daily and overnight rentals. WeCar offers members the benefits of a personal car while paying for the vehicle only when it is being used. Such programs are popular with students because they provide a solution to car-rental age restrictions and are less expensive than bringing a car to campus.

Xavier students, faculty and staff with a credit card and valid driver’s license can sign up for the program at www.wecar.com/xavier. Members can reserve a vehicle online, then access it using a membership card and return it to the same location. Fuel, basic physical damage to the vehicle and state-required liability protection are included in the standard rate plan.

“WeCar provides Xavier members with a low-cost, convenient transportation solution right on campus,” said Ryan Johnson, assistant vice president of WeCar and Rideshare for Enterprise. “Our car-sharing program is a sustainable, totally automated and efficient mobility option that helps alleviate parking and transportation challenges at universities across the United States.”

WeCar is supported by the extensive Enterprise Rent-A-Car neighborhood network. Local Enterprise operations maintain cars and have the flexibility to add WeCar vehicles to meet demand. Enterprise operates more than 40 rental locations in the Greater Cincinnati region.

Enterprise hires graduates from Xavier each year and has nearly 20 Xavier alumni currently working throughout the company, including eight in or near Cincinnati. Enterprise established a brand ambassador internship program at Xavier to market the service on campus.

WeCar by Enterprise operates car-sharing programs on more than 50 college campuses throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as corporate, government, military and downtown programs across the country.