Xavier Urges You to Explore the Executive MBA Option

February 19, 2009


On Friday, March 13 beginning at 11:00 a.m., Xavier’s Williams College of Business invites you to learn about its 19-month, one day a week, Executive MBA (XMBA) program. Attendees will have the chance to talk with current XMBA students, alumni, and faculty, and sit in for an hour or more of class – for free! Attendees will also receive a waiver towards their application fee.
The session will be held on the first floor of Hailstones Hall in the Williams College of Business on the Evanston campus. To make a reservation or for more information, please call the Executive MBA office at 513-745-3251 or logon to www.xavier.edu/xmba.
The XMBA program is designed for experienced professionals who have demanding work schedules and who are on track for leadership positions within their organization. The selective XMBA guarantees participants will be surrounded by the most experienced and brightest peers. This strong cohort and support system distinctive to the XMBA program is invaluable. The XMBA program educates today’s leaders so that they can make better business decisions tomorrow.
Xavier handles all administrative details, from registration, purchasing campus parking permits, ordering and delivering textbooks, and providing lunch during class meetings. Xavier understands the demands of XMBA students and allows them to focus on the education without worrying about the administrative details. XMBA alumni join a group of over 1,000 XMBA graduates. This powerful network of professionals and continuous executive education opportunities will be at your fingertips. Classes start in September.