Xavier Safety Week

| October 24, 2010

The Xavier Police, Office of Residence Life and the Office of Commuter Services are sponsoring a Safety Week October 25th to 28th.  Here is a list of the programs for the week.


Xavier University Office of Residence Life & XUPD


Safety Week


Don’t Leave Home Without It!



Sunday, October 24th                

7pm-8pm                                       Commons 1st Floor     Buzzed? (Alcohol Safety Information)


Monday, October 25th              

TBD                                                    Residence Halls       Bulletin Board Contest Judging

Noon-2pm                                         Gallagher                  Bike Registration & Operation ID

9pm                                                    Husman Hall             Wings-Safety-Football


Tuesday, October 26th                                       

11:30am-12:30pm                           Gallagher 220          Dos, Don’ts & Donuts with XUPD

8pm-8:45pm                                     Brockman Hall           Bike Registration & Operation ID           

9pm-9:30pm                                     Buenger Hall               Bike Registration & Operation ID



Wednesday, October 27th                   

8pm-8:45pm                                     Kuhlman Hall          Bike Registration & Operation ID

9pm-9:45pm                                     Husman Hall            Bike Registration & Operation ID

8:30pm-9:30pm                              Flynn Hall                 Mini Self Defense (women only)

8:00pm-9:00pm                              Gallagher 330          Do’s Don’ts & Donuts with XUPD


Thursday, October 28th                      

12pm-1pm                                         Flynn Hall                 Active Shooter (includes lunch)

8pm-8:45pm                                     Village-MPR             Bike Registration  & Operation ID          

9pm-9:30pm                                     Commons-1st Floor  Bike Registration & Operation ID