Senior Thesis Art Exhibitions by Isabel Aguila, Katherine Colborn, Catherine Maroney and Thomas Rallis

Artists' Reception-Friday, March 21 6:00-8:00 pm | March 17, 2014

Xavier University and the Department of Art are pleased to present thesis exhibitions by four senior art majors: Isabel Aguila, Katherine Colborn, Catherine Maroney, and Thomas Rallis. The exhibition begins Friday, March 21, with an Artists' Reception, 6:00-8:00 p.m. and ends on April 5, 2014.  

Isabel Aguila presents Contorted Nature – a series of ten 20x12" paintings and drawings. This body of work seeks to express her experience with scoliosis. Each piece depicts a visualization of her experience, using nature as a symbol of her pain and recovery. A broad range of warm and colors demonstrate pain and relief as well as volume, shape and detail of each vertebrae. According to the artist, depicting the curve, angle and viewpoint of the spine accurately was a challenge.

Katherine Colborn presents Creators and Cultivators: A Daily Ritual - a series of pastel drawings and lithograph prints that explore the spiritual value and quiet dignity in the daily moments of average lives.  Primarily figurative, her subject matter often highlights the work of people that act as creators and cultivators for their families, their community, and their world in quiet, and often unrecognized, ways. Katherine’s near-illustrative style offers an unspoken and engaging narrative to the viewer, and her inspiration to create this body of work stems from a wide variety of artists, writers, and theologians, particularly Johannes Vermeer, Jules Breton, Edgar Degas, Robert Henri, Thomas Merton, and Saint Ignatius Loyola.

Catherine Maroney presents Beauties of the Water – a collection of paintings and sculptures portraying the human figure submerged in and under water. Her inspiration for these underwater scenes came from fascination with the way the human figure is transformed while underwater. The distorted shape, as well as vibrant colors and rays of sun, compel viewers to see the figure in a completely different way. She finds it intriguing how the body transforms underwater, especially while looking at it from up above. Catherine has been surrounded by water her whole life, growing up on the shores of Cape Cod beaches, which evokes countless memories. This collection shows how water can pair stunning coral, bubbles and color with the human body in a peaceful and lovely way.

Thomas Rallis presents Ascension – a group of paintings, drawings, and sculptures that are the portraits of distinct individuals who represent his personal view of humanity in its entirety. These are fictional and non-fictional figures that express the fortitude of our species to ascend to a level that makes humans a substantial and formidable force in the universe. Presented anecdotally or as legend, portraiture seeks to both idolize and expose. He chose this particular group because of how their stories resonate with his understanding of the world. The conquerors, artists, spies, innovators, explorers, and those with humility are the amalgamation of the human spirit as it strives for greatness against the despair of the uninspiring.

Please join us on Friday, March 21st to meet the artists, enjoy the art and light refreshments.