New course: Treating Childhood Trauma

Collaboration with Cincinnati Children's Hospital-Graduate Credit Available | January 27, 2009

This course is a collaboration between the departments of counseling, psychology, social work and special education and taught by staff from the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. 

The course term is May 11-June 11, 2009 on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6 p.m. to 9:45 p.m. for three credits.  It is available for both undergraduate and graduate credit.

Lead Instructors: Jane Sites, Ed.D., LSW, Carol Huff, M.Ed., LPCC

Instructor:   Erica S. Pearl, Psy.D.

Brief Description:
An Integrated Model for Treatment of Early Childhood Trauma and Abuse is an approach to therapy that was developed to serve the needs of children participating in the Therapeutic Interagency Preschool (TIP) at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CHMC). Psychologically, children with abuse histories often struggle with attachment issues, including separation anxiety or indiscriminately attaching themselves to adults. Grief is another common issue among children who have experienced a traumatic event. This workshop will teach participants to identify abuse as well as learn prevention strategies. The lead instructors will invite members of the multidisciplinary treatment team at CHMC including counseling, psychiatry, psychology, social work and special education to teach about the global issue of abuse and helpful tips for community response. Participants will also learn about an integrated model of treatment including comprehensive diagnostic assessment, play and expressive therapies, parent child interaction therapy (PCIT), child adult relationship enhancement therapy (CARE), skill building, anger management, intense trauma focused therapy, transition and follow up. Using a case study approach, a final project will include developing a treatment plan from the participants’ academic discipline. This course provides an overview of therapies for childhood trauma and does not certify the participant to deliver the therapies.
Registration begins March 30, 2009 for Summer Sessions.

Go to the Summer Sessions page, select the summer 2009 course schedule and select summer 2009 from the drop down menu. 

Enter EDUC: Workshop from the drop down menu for Counseling and Special Education

Select: EDUC 560 W1 for Graduate Counseling or Graduate Special Education Credit

Select: EDUC 260 W1 for undergraduate credit in the School of Education.

Select: EDUC 260 N1R to register as a non-credit seeking student.  Their is a reduced rate for non-credit registration. This category may be selected across disciplines for non-credit students. 

Select:  PSYC 260 W1 for Psychology.

Select: SOCW 259 W1 for Social Work. 

Registered students and non registered students may take this workshop.  Invite a friend or colleague to join you!