Holiday Safety Tips

December 11, 2013

Crime Prevention Tips for holiday break 2013 Over the holiday breaks, burglaries have a tendency to occur more frequently at houses and apartments off campus. Therefore Xavier Police would like to remind all off campus residence that crime never takes a holiday and please consider the following safety tips. Take home or secure all valuables over the break. This includes electronic equipment, video games, computers, jewelry and anything of value. Campus Police ask that all students lock their doors and windows before they leave for break and ask a friend or neighbor to keep an eye your house or apartment. Leaving lights and or radios on timers will help make the house or apartments look occupied. Keep blinds closed on first floor windows. Put mail on hold or arrange with someone to pick up mail. You should also leave a home number with your landlord so he or she can contact you for emergencies and ask them to conduct regular inspection during the break.