Changes to wireless connectivity on campus

August 14, 2012

To Xavier University students, faculty, and staff from the Division of Information Technologies:

What's happening:
On Thursday, August 16, 2012, from 4:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m., the Division of Information Technologies will perform maintenance on the wireless network.  Xavier wireless access will be unavailable intermittently during that period.  This change will consolidate all wireless users on to the network called 'xavierwireless' and will remove the 'xavierstudent' network, along with the Cisco NAC login/agent process that was previously needed to connect to the wireless network.  The ‘xavierwireless’ network is significantly faster and has fewer restrictions to on-campus resources.
What's changing:
Xavier has implemented a system that will automatically configure devices (PCs, tablets, phones, etc.) to connect to 'xavierwireless'. 
• If your device already connects to 'xavierwireless', you will be unaffected.  This applies to Xavier-maintained computers, and some student, faculty, and staff personal devices. 
• If your device connects to 'xavierstudent', it will need to be reconfigured using the new system by going to  The short process can be performed in advance from off-campus although you won’t actually be able to connect to the internet using ‘xavierwireless’ until you are in range of Xavier's wireless network.  When you return to campus, your device should connect automatically to ‘xavierwireless’.  If it does not, go to and enter your Xavier credentials again.   
• If you are on campus, the open 'xavierguest' network will allow you to access the setup utility to configure your device to connect to 'xavierwireless'.  Click on ‘xavierguest’ on your list of wireless networks and follow the prompts.  You will need to enter your email address from a web browser to gain temporary access to this network.

A note about gaming consoles and other devices:
Gaming consoles, Apple TVs, and other household/consumer devices that do not support WPA2-Enterprise security should be configured to connect to the network called 'Xmisc'.  In order to connect a gaming console to ‘Xmisc’, you will need to complete this form:
Next steps:
If you have wireless connection problems, please connect to the open 'xavierguest' network on campus to run the setup utility for 'xavierwireless'.  This will repair your wireless configuration.  If you are still having problems connecting, or need to register a device to connect to the 'Xmisc' network, please contact 513.745.HELP (4357).

Thank you.