"Political and Social Journeys" is the topic of upcoming multicultural discussions at Xavier

The last two presentations of the series focus on the institution of marriage and racist and sexist words | January 18, 2011

“The Movement: Political and Social Journeys” is a four-part facilitated dialogue designed to engage the campus community in discussions about past and current movements concerning diversity awareness and social justice. The final two presentations take place in February and March. Both are free and open to the public:

Feb. 7, 4:00 p.m.
Rush to the Altar,
Conaton Learning Commons, Kennedy Lecture Hall (Room 412), at the corner of Dana Avenue and Ledgewood Drive. This presentation is a discussion about the institution of marriage from various cultural contexts including how marriage is designed, the family unit structures and how relationships evolve. The facilitator is Cathy McDaniels-Wilson, assistant professor of psychology

March 21, 4:00 p.m.
…But Words Can Hurt Me,
Conaton Learning Commons, Kennedy Lecture Hall (Room 412). This presentation discusses the impact of certain words when used as racial and sexual epithets. There will be an opportunity to share cultural implications and the history of these terms as well.

The series is presented by the Office of Multicultural Affairs, a department within the Division of Student Life and Leadership that provides direct support to students of color and advocacy to other minority groups that aids in their holistic development. Multicultural Affairs also provides diversity awareness programs to enrich the academic, cultural and social experiences of Xavier students. For more information, visit the web site at or call 513-745-3181.