WCB Students Win Entrepreneurship Award

Johnson, Link Win for their Elevator Pitch | February 17, 2010

Two Williams College of Business students won $1,000 in an entrepreneurship competition hosted by Northern Kentucky University.


Carter Johnson and Henry Link won first prize in the Best Elevator Pitch category. For the contest, they created a 45-second video that featured their business, EkoBoxes.


An elevator pitch is supposed to last no longer than a typical elevator ride. It’s a way of quickly telling someone you just met about yourself or your business. In a clever approach, the video by Johnson and Link actually includes an elevator ride.


The business, which they started in September 2009, recycles used cardboard boxes that they obtain from companies that are finished with them. EkoBoxes restores the boxes and sells them to companies that need them for packaging. EkoBoxes charges less than the cost of buying a new box.


Johnson and Link also have created EkoMovers, a full-service moving company that uses environmentally sound practices.


The NKU competition on January 29 included Miami University, Dayton University, the University of Cincinnati, NKU and the Williams College of Business.


More information about EkoBoxes can be found at www.ekoboxes.com.


Click here to see the Elevator Pitch by Carter and Link: www.youtube.com/watch