Three Xavier University Students Honored for Leadership

Bravo Branch and Giving Tree honors | December 14, 2007

Three Xavier students were selected to receive Xavier’s Peer Leadership Team leadership awards in recognition of their commitment to a student organization.

Kristine Frech of Maineville (45039) is a senior majoring in sociology with a minor in English. She was nominated for the Bravo Branch award by English professor Dr. Ernest Fontana for her work as president of Xavier’s Italian-American Club. “She is a strong, quiet and responsible leader who inspires respect and admiration from the students in the club and from its moderator,” Fontana wrote. The Bravo Branch award is given each semester to recognize a club or organization advisor for his or her ability to help students discover their leadership potential.

Xabier Aizpuru of Norwood (45212) is originally from San Sebastian, Spain. A freshman physics major, he is actively involved in Xavier’s International Student Society. In nominating Xabier for a Giving Tree Award, Shoshannah McKinney said, “Everything he does is done with excellence far exceeding what is asked with a spirit of sincerity and great care…He considers how students will be affected by what our office and student club do, and cares enough to want to improve it for others.”

Helen Webster of Indian Hill (45243) is a senior majoring in economics with a minor in business, recognized with a Giving Tree Award for her work as president of Xavier’s Mortar Board Society. She was nominated by her sister Christina, a graduate student at Xavier, who wrote, ”Helen coordinates community service projects both on and off campus [going] above and beyond the call of duty, taking pride in making the members’ experience as meaningful and engaging as possible.”

The Giving Tree Leadership Award is given each semester to hardworking, dependable student leaders who don’t always receive the recognition they deserve for the outstanding effort and contributions they make to their club, organization or the campus community. It is named after Shel Silverstein’s book, The Giving Tree, about a tree that gives everything it has to better the life of its dear friend.