Share Your Life Experience with a Xavier Student and Begin Your Memoirs

Older adults will meet with Xavier students to share a philosophy of life | November 29, 2007

It’s not uncommon for Xavier University students to write about their learning experiences or even keep a journal or video diary. But a group of psychology students are taking their writing skills one step further. They are working with older adults to not only document life experiences, but also to help the adults start their memoirs.

The students are part of the Co-Mentoring Project directed by Assistant Psychology Professor Renee Zucchero, Ph.D. Zucchero began the project two years ago, matching up a couple of dozen Xavier students with people living in local retirement communities. The project is part of a developmental psychology class aimed at helping the ‘younger’ generation understand what it is like to be an ‘older’ adult.

Now, Zucchero is taking the project one step further by having students assist older adults in writing their memoirs.

“An older adult volunteer suggested the students might be able to help with the memoirs,” says Zucchero. “It’s not only an added benefit for the adult; it is also an added value for the student. They can share a philosophy of life.”

Zucchero is hoping to enlist older adults age 60 or older to volunteer to take part in the project. The adults will be asked to meet with a Xavier student approximately four times between February and April 2008. The meeting would be at a time and place convenient for both people.

The adults should be able and willing to openly share their life experiences and have the Xavier student write about them. In return the adults will receive assistance in writing their memoirs and preserving their life stories. There is no cost involved to participate in this program.

To volunteer please contact Renee Zucchero, Ph.D., 513-745-3911 or at

As a Catholic, Jesuit University, Xavier strives to develop students who pay critical attention to the underlying philosophical and theological implications of current issues and develop a world view that is oriented to responsible action and recognizes the intrinsic value of the natural and human values.

Photo is from a past co-mentoring get together.