University helping Jesuit school in New Orleans

Xavier is donating 10 percent of annual fund donations to help Loyola University New Orleans rebuild after hurricane | September 6, 2005

In the spirit of compassion, Xavier University announced on Tuesday, Sept. 6, that it is donating 10 percent of annual fund gifts received now through November to help rebuild and repair the damage created by Hurricane Katrina. Specifically, the donations are going to help Loyola University, a fellow Catholic, Jesuit university in New Orleans. Loyola was forced to close its campus and cancel its academic semester as a result of the hurricane.

Xavier began collecting for the effort with its phonathon campaign on Tuesday evening. Anyone wishing to contribute to the annual fund, and help Loyola University New Orleans in the process, may do so online or by e-mailing

Xavier Univeristy is also involved in hurricane relief efforts in other ways. For a more detailed account of the efforts, go to